This is a blank two-sided 22"x28" LED lighted sign. This light box has a front loading "snap frame" border.  It is illuminated with power saving LEDs and comes ready to light up your back-lit graphics (custom graphics not provided). 

The profile is only 1" thick and this light box can light a graphic on both the front and back side of the frame.  If you want to use only one side, then you could put an opaque insert in the back side (opaque insert not included).

There are many ways to print a custom 22"x28" translucent graphic.  We like LAMBDA transparency because they are very bright, but other types of prints are also available from sign shops and printing companies.

This sign plugs into a standard wall outlet.  This sign does not have an on/off switch on the frame because it would add to the thickness of the frame.

These signs include a hanging kit.