Wind Sign Features:
  • Springs connect the frame to the base allowing sign to resist strong winds and return to upright position.
  • "Quick change" feature enables sign blanks to be changed in seconds and stay securely in place. No clips, bolts or special treatment.
  • Sand or water fillable plastic base with (2) built-in wheels.
  • Use maximum of 85 lbs of dry sand to the smaller Wind Sign.  Use a maximum of 115 lbs of dry sand for Wind Sign II and Deluxe.  
  • Attractive plastic frame design eliminates torn miters and jammed latches. Won't rust or splinter.
  • Two-sided (hold two signs per frame). Can accommodate coroplast, aluminum, acrylic, or any foamboard up to 3/6" thick.  (sign not included)

Available in 2 sizes

Wind Sign Dimensions:

Wind Sign II (New Design) – holds 24” x 36” sign blank (Sign panel has a 24” x 35-1/8” viewable area when installed). Top piece is 42.9"H x 26"W x 2.5"D (53"H x 28.7"W on base assembly) Total weight: 25 lbs.

Wind Sign Deluxe – holds 28” x 44” sign blank (Sign panel has a 28” x 43-1/4” viewable area when installed). Top piece is 51"H x 30"W x 2.5"D (61"H x 30"W on base assembly) Total weight: 30 lbs.

Wind Sign II (New Design) and Deluxe Bases are 7.1"H x 28.7"W x 18.1"D.

Click HERE to see a video demonstrating the "lift and drop" feature that is provided on the Wind Sign stands.