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Item Description

Item Name: Street Name Sign

Item Code: SN

Item Description:

These signs are available in either 6" or 9" high x necessary length*. The 6" signs are usually used for neighborhood streets and the 9" signs are usually used in major intersections. Check with your local Street Department to verify what is required in your area.
*Necessary length is based on the length of the name - signs are usually 18", 24", 30", 36" or longer.  You can request one of these specific sizes or otherwise we will determine it for you.


These signs are available in these two configurations...

Flat .080 aluminum with a Hi-Intensity reflective finish
Extruded aluminum with a Hi-Intensity reflective finish

The extruded aluminum sign panels have thicker top and bottom edges that are 1/4" thick.
The flat aluminum sign panels are .080" or approximately 3/32" thick.


All street signs will be made using ONLY UPPER CASE letters. Remember to include "ST" or "AVE" or any leading and ending letters you need - we don't add anything to what you type. For example, if you wanted a sign that said " S MAIN ST ". You would enter "S" in the "Leading" letters. You would enter "MAIN" in the "Middle" letters and enter "ST" in the "Ending" letters, as follows:

Leading Letters: S
Middle Letters: MAIN
Ending Letters: ST

If you want the sign to read " S MAIN ST " with the same size letters for the entire sign, then leave the "Leading" and "Ending" fields blank, as shown here:

Leading Letters: (leave blank)
Middle Letters: S MAIN ST
Ending Letters: (leave blank)

The Letter size for the 6" signs are 2" (Leading), 4" (Middle), 2" (Ending).
For the 9" signs, the sizes are 3" (Leading), 6" (Middle) and 3" (Ending).

  • Boulevard - BLVD
  • Circle - CIR
  • Court - CT
  • Drive - DR
  • Junction - JCT
  • Loop - LOOP
  • Avenue - AVE
  • Parkway - PKWY
  • Place - PL
  • Road - RD
  • Street - ST
  • Terrace - TERR
  • Way - WAY
  • Lane - LN

These signs are ALL DOUBLE SIDED in that the street name is printed on both the front and the back side of the signs.

**These signs REQUIRE 10 to 15 working days to produce. This is NOT a "Quick-Ship" item. 

**If you need street sign BRACKETS, they are available HERE.

Item Specifications

Wording on Sign NA
Primary Construction Material NA
Overall Assembled Height NA
Overall Assembled Width NA
Sign Panel Height NA
Sign Panel Width NA
Item Weight in Pounds NA
One or Two Sided NA
Wheels NA
Outdoor Use NA
Works with this type of sign  
Sign Stand Type NA

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