• No electrical energy source required
  • No expensive electricians needed
  • No batteries to replace
  • No wiring & no maintenance
  • As quick as 3 minute install


The specification of safety lighting can be one of your most crucial decisions. People's lives depend on it. Certainly the aesthetics of each exit area depends on your choice of sign.

BetaLux-E is the direct descendant of the exit sign that started the self- luminous lighting industry. It is an elegant solution to all aspects of mandatory compliance with emergency lighting codes.

Its sleek lines and understated molding suits every form of architecture. The universal direction package instantly lets installers mount your choice of red, green, or black facing with universal arrow configuration selectable for any direction.

BetaLux-E is entirely self-powered. It does not rely on any outside energy source for its illumination. Most photoluminescent sign manufacturers have a disclaimer that says something like ... "A MINIMUM of 5 foot-candles of light illumination must be present (at the sign face) at ALL TIMES OF BUILDING OCCUPANCY to ensure that the sign will remain legible during an emergency". Unlike the photoluminescent signs, these signs require no source of light to charge them. It requires no electricity, no back-up batteries or generators to keep working in a crisis. It can be mounted anywhere without wiring or outlets, and needs no maintenance.

BetaLux-E is specifically constructed to resist tampering and vandalism. And, whenever you have to specify exit signs for an explosive, corrosive, humid or other harsh environment, BetaLux-E is the sign of choice. It is incapable of sparking so there is no problem with accidental ignitions. It is totally sealed, explosion proof and has no wiring, internal or external, so there is no trouble with corrosion, mold, or vapor invasion.

When you specify BetaLux-E self-luminous exit signs, you can be sure that you have done everything possible to assure safe, continuous, well illuminated emergency lighting for all building occupants now and well into the future.

NOTE: The 10yr sign has an order time of 4-6 weeks and the 20yr sign has an order time of 8-12 weeks. Requesting a RUSH will not expedite the order.