Point of purchase sales relies upon customers making impulse buys. All retail establishments must optimize this key component to improve profits, customer satisfaction, and lead generation. Implement the following three secrets while using custom metal signs to satisfy your customers and your business model.

1. Design a memorable sign
Most signs are rectangular with standardized fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. Set your firm apart from the competition by making your custom metal sign stand out in the viewer’s mind. A uniquely designed sign can easily improve traffic to your store and ultimately improve your POP sales. Design your unique sign using interesting shapes, colors, and fonts. Instead of rectangular shaping choose a circle, octagon, crescent, or other favorable alternative.

Use your company colors and logo when designing your sign. This improves brand recognition and lead generation. Placing your company logo on one of the sign’s corners is a sure-fire way to draw attention to your business. You may also find that using your logo as the backdrop to your sign message will work well for improving exposure.

Consider using a fun and whimsical font that sparks interest and draws attention. As whimsical as a font can be, however, remember to be certain it is easy to read. Customers do not want to work at finding information about a business. The best way to determine the readability of a new font is by testing it out. Make a prototype of the sign and place it in the preferred location. Have employees or friends view the sign from a number of areas and distances to test the readability factor. A whimsical font that is nonreadable in regular case may simply need to be put in bold to make it user-friendly.

2. Optimize sign placement
Once you have designed a memorable custom metal sign, optimize its placement to improve traffic and POP possibilities. Check with your local zoning ordinances to see what is needed to place a curbside sign. Curbside signs can direct potential customers into your retail establishment’s parking lot. Once in the parking lot, use another metal sign to direct customers to your storefront.

Metal signs are perfect ways to bring attention to your store, both from the outside and inside. Once in your store, use a smaller metal sign to highlight daily specials. Place these signs at checkout counters or throughout your store’s interior. Marketing studies reveal that optimal point-of-purchase signs are placed at eye level. Use this to your advantage by placing signs near sale and impulse-buying items.

3. Find complementary merchandise
A key element of point-of-purchase sales is complementary merchandise. When a customer is interested in a main item, many available items will easily fit in with the need. Find these items and make certain your customers know about them by promoting the items with a custom metal sign nearby. In addition to using the signs to highlight merchandise, train employees to cross-promote products.

Point of purchase sales can occur on the same day or be used to entice a visitor to return on another day. When used effectively, a strong point of purchase program can spur customers to come back for more great sales opportunities. Working with a sign professional can be a good decision for designing the custom metal sign of your dreams.