OSHA, standing for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is the governing body for keeping workplaces safe for everyone. By posting required signs throughout the facility, a retail business can protect itself against lawsuits of all types. Customized signs provide the perfect opportunity for using symbols and wordings that fit the entity’s personality. This article will discuss some of the available signs companies can use.

1. Emphasize Safety

“Safety First” is the prominent message of these OSHA signs. These signs serve the purpose of notifying others of general safe work procedures, practices, and equipment usage. All signs have green text. Green is the universal color for signifying safety.

Companies can customize signs with a number of graphic categories. Categories include fire and explosion. Subtopics under this category include no smoking, pressurized gasses, fire extinguisher, flammable liquids, fire hose, no open flames and smoking. Each category comes with its own universal symbol. This easily communicates any message.

Employee and customer hygiene play an important role in complying with OSHA requirements. Prominently displaying signs that encourage hand washing, restroom cleanliness and no littering improve overall hygiene levels.

2. Communicate danger

OSHA danger signs communicate immediate hazard potential. Red is the universal color that signifies danger. All signs will contain the word “DANGER” clearly displayed in white bold print. Depending upon the severity of the situation, messages can inform others of unsafe drinking water to the use of fork lifts.

3. Serve as notices

OSHA signs can give notice to  workforce that certain items or tasks will not be tolerated on the premises. The notices act as general safety messages that define rules or procedures allowed in the workplace. A retail establishment may prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages, for instance. Companies could customize the notice to include both a personalized wording and universal symbol. The symbol would be a drawing of an alcohol bottle and glass with a line drawn through the center portion. The customized wording could be “no alcohol allowed.”  Wording could also include specific hours, days and any other pertinent information needed to keep the workplace safe.

Examples of notices include prohibiting cell phones, access, weapons, cameras, and/or guns. Notices could also inform others that a security guard is on the site, do not enter, or stop. Graphics could be customized to include security, first aid, mandatory actions, prohibited actions plus fire and explosion.

4. Serve as warnings

Warnings are more serious than general safety notices. Warnings signify a potential disaster or hazard. Conditions may cause significant injury or death. All signs are done on a noticeable orange background coloring. OSHA signs must clearly state WARNING in black print. This signs are for those off-limit rooms that contain hazardous materials or flammable materials. Another perfect example involves companies that sell oxygen machines. Placing a no smoking warning sign nearby protects everyone on the site. Firms can decide whether to include universal symbols on their signs

Firms can customize signs to include universal symbols or simply text. Signs can be constructed from aluminum, plastic or simply be a vinyl decal. Customizing the sign can be done online through a reputable sign company, like Signs Direct. Working directly with a trained professional can optimize the entire process.