Corrugated plastic signs are the perfect advertising medium for promoting a company’s message. All marketing strategy programs must include at least one of these signs. Below are some facts to understand about this priceless promotional tool.

1. Versatility reigns

These signs are the perfect foundation for a variety of messages. A firm can buy one sign and use it for multiple purposes. The versatility of this sign is limited only by the user’s imagination and creativity.

2. They can be a sidewalk swinger

Sidewalk swinger signs serve a number of purposes. It can range from exposure on a busy intersection to directing traffic in a quaint walkable community. They make perfect political advertisements, special announcement tools and/or commercial offering platforms.

3. Durability is a factor

Plastic is a very durable material. It will not chip, bend, break or collapse as easily as other materials.

4. They are budget friendly

Plastic corrugated signs extend budgetary dollars. They come in all price ranges. They are multi-use, durable, versatile and visually pleasant marketing tools. One sign can serve many purposes. It all depends upon the user needs.

5. Can be customized

Sign messages can be changed as the user sees fit. Dry erase markers or lettering choices provide the perfect tools to satisfy company messaging needs. Custom plastic signs can be changed to reflect daily menu items, one-day only sales and/or special speaker announcements.

6. Are weather resistant

Many signs, like chalkboards, do not stand up other inclement weather conditions. Plastic sign panels are different. Plastic lettering will stand up in drizzle, rain, or any type of moisture. This makes them ideal for those rainy, overcast days when outdoor advertising is needed. Firms do not need clear skies and zero moisture to use these beneficial signs.

Plastic withstands regular temperatures remarkably well. It provides the perfect messaging foundation for a variety of materials. This includes chemical solvents, oils, and water. This weather resistant component extends the sign’s versatility, useful life, and economy.

7. Are environmentally friendly

Everyone realizes the importance of optimizing available natural resources and minimizing damaging components. Landfill wastage has increased at an alarming global rate. Wastage can easily impair air, water, and soil quality. It is important to realize that these plastic signs are usually made of polypropylene. This material can be recycled.

Plastic is a lightweight material. It takes less energy and fuel to transport this material than other consumables. This helps the environment.

8. Can match a company’s personality

Every company has its own personality. Matching this personality with appropriate marketing tools is the key to a successful marketing strategy. Signs are the perfect tool for promoting a company’s goals, objectives and mission statement. Choosing a sign that coincides with a company’s personality will improve brand awareness, customer loyalty and lead generation.

Many establishments operate in a shopping mall, walkable community or other retail environment. Choosing a sign that matches the district’s personality will add an air of uniqueness and commonality that customers will surely appreciate. It enhances the community experience.

9. Can be a sidewalk springer

Sometimes firms need a sturdy-based sidewalk sign that can withstand strong winds and possible collisions. Springer signs fit this need. These plastic corrugated signs are manufactured with a techno-polymer base that users can fill with water, sand or other heavy materials. These materials stabilize the sign by allowing the sign to “spring” back when knocked over. After usage, users can quickly empty the base contents.

The sign industry can be a confusing and overwhelming one to some. Consulting with a trained sign professional will provide valuable insight.