Personalities are not just for humans or other animal forms. Every retail establishment has a personality that needs to be emphasized and displayed. Taking the time to develop an efficient marketing strategy around this personality takes time, effort and thought. Signs provide the perfect venue to communicating this important feature to the general public. This article discusses some of the ways to express personality through custom sign printing.

The type of font matters
The type of font can tell others what a company is like. A retail company can have the best message on a sign, but if the font is confusing to the company’s image, viewers will become confused. Whimsical and airy appearing fonts are perfect for those retail stores involved with fairies, alternative thinking and/or astrological products. These subject areas bring up images and thoughts of spiritual and whimsical topics. Fonts that provide a more practical appearance tell others to expect the same from the store. Practical fonts, for instance, are perfect for those firms selling eye glasses or lawn mowers. Those items have practicality all over them.

Coloring plays a role
Color can empower, inspire, encourage and/or calm. Some colors are more masculine and some are more feminine.  Some combinations are traditional and some are modern. Some reflect the colors seen in nature and some are less organic.  Color psychology is a huge field. Business experts and interpreters have realized for years the importance that colors play throughout the marketing experience.   Matching the company’s color theme to its sign strategy provides consistency and increases brand awareness. This improves customer trust levels. Companies that currently do not have a color program in place will fall behind the competition. Color can speak volumes about a company.

According to color experts, red expresses passion and action. Yellow typically signifies logic. Blue goes hand-in-hand with inner peace and truth. Green signifies safety and security. Black signifies power and control. When gray is a company’s main color it tells the public that the firm is the middle of the road, composed, reliable and calm.  Take these breakdowns into consideration when customizing a sign.

Logos make a difference
Logos define a company. Logos are understood by all languages and play a key role in brand awareness. Companies that effectively utilize logos throughout their sign campaign will realize the importance these identifying factors play through lead generation. Successful retail stores will make certain that their logo is prominently displayed on all marketing collateral. This includes signage of all types. Some companies may need to alter their logo to fit onto a specific sign. Remember that not all logos will be clearly visible on all sign sizes. Working with a trained professional, like those found at Signs Direct, will provide needed insight.

Words play key roles
Wording can be the key to success for any company. Viewers who are pleased with messages and the method display will improve a firm’s overall marketing results. Firms that fail to realize the importance of matching wording with the company personality will fail miserably in turning sign viewers into paying customers.

Shapes make a difference
Shape psychology is another area retail establishments need to be concerned about when designing their customized signs. Many shapes are government regulated and universally recognizable. Shapes can display a company’s personality without even using words. They can convey meanings and moods. Taking the time to determine which shape best suits a company’s personality can be the difference between enhancing overall operations and wasting tons of money on an inefficient sign strategy.

Consulting with a trained sign professional to develop an ideal customized sign strategy can improve lead generation and conversion, referral rates and overall success.