Colors have always played an important role in the marketing world. Retailers associate colors with social messages to improve traffic, conversion rate and profits. When used properly, they can increase customer spending. When used ineffectively, spending decreases. Learning how colors of sidewalk signs affect people can help a retail establishment prosper.

Red is known as the color of passion. Establishments that want to use a sidewalk sign to promote high-energy, vibrant products or services will improve lead generation by using red as the main color. Red and romance go hand-in-hand. Consider using vibrant red lettering to draw attention. Having a red background with colorful images will increase awareness. When using a red background, be sure that print stands out and is readable from across the street. This improves traffic to the store.

Sometimes red can cause shoppers to put up a shield and close their pocketbooks. When used improperly, red triggers consumers to be more cautious about buying the firm’s products or services. Working with a sign expert can be a determining factor whether red is being used properly or being overdone.

Black is a traditional color for signs of all types, including sidewalk signs. Many consumers prefer traditional methods and develop a loyalty for stores that used them. According to marketing studies, black has a reputation for inspiring feelings of trust. It supplies an air of sophistication and elegance to products and services. Cosmetic manufacturers have been using this inside trick for ages. Low cost products dominate the upper scale makeup counters simply because they are packaged as upscale and have a higher price tag attached. They instill a feeling of living the high life.

Pink is an interesting color. Numerous studies, both by marketing and psychological experts, have shown it has a calming effect on people. It slows the endocrine system down. This means that consumers are more willing to spend money on products and services that use this color throughout its marketing tools. Spending will be less painful. Interesting enough, seeing pink actually has a tranquilizing effect on tight muscles.

Think of green and visions of helping the environment come to mind. Green is naturally associated with the ecologically minded products and businesses. Use this color to promote green living products and services. Not all green products are eco-friendly. Retail establishments need to inform customers of this if the case applies.

White is the color of simplicity in the branding world. Consumers associate this color with purity, honesty and modernization. Not only does it signify these things, but a sidewalk sign with a white background can be very easy to read. This improves traffic flow into the storefront.

Yellow is perfect for eating establishments. This color has a reputation for increasing energy levels and whetting appetites. Fast food restaurants have known for this for years and take full advantage of the fact. Using yellow as the background color for an eatery’s sidewalk sign is the perfect way to optimize this appetite-related shade.

The psychology of color is a fascinating topic in the marketing world. Optimizing this field can improve brand loyalty, awareness, and profitability. Working with a trained sign professional can lay the foundation for overall success.