There are two very common complaints that we hear about advertising. The first one is that it can be very expensive and the second one is that it “may or may not” pay off. They’re right. Yes, it can be very expensive to advertise your business or event when using traditional forms of advertising such as radio, tv or print mailers. If the message isn’t that compelling, then the ROI (Return On Investment) can be very low.

Let’s look at one common scenario that we’ve repeatedly encountered with our customers; the customer has just started their first business and they need to promote their services.They’ve had a few sales people stop by with a pitch like “advertise with our radio/TV station and we promise we’ll bring in new business…all you have to do is sign this contact and we will start billing you a thousand dollars each month for the next year”. Tempting…the promise of new business.

However, because of the enormous cost with radio advertising, the business owner seeks the advise of others. They contact a business owner with a well established thriving business and that business associate advises them to try using better signage before they commit $12,000 a year to a limited market demographic. The business associate explains that he spent $250.00 for a couple of A-Frame signs from Signs Direct along with four custom printed sign panels. He put them out in front of his business which gets “average” vehicle traffic. He explains that he found that he starting to get new business right away. He asked his new customers how they heard about his business and most said “we saw your signs and decided to stop” which showed one advantage of “point of purchase” signage.

If a sidewalk “sandwich board” sign costs $200 with custom printed sign panels and it lasts 3 years outdoors, then you’re looking at less than $6 per monthly to advertise to passing traffic right by the location where they can make their purchase. Sidewalk signs really are one of the most economical way to promote your business. So, the business owner seeking advertising advise reaches out to Signs Direct and purchase a few A-Frame signs and some custom signs. They even purchase a few wall mountable snap frames for interior advertising after the Sidewalk signs get the potential customers into their building.

After a few months of increased sales, they conclude that they spent their advertising budget wisely and become regular customers of Signs Direct..

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