Day 1 Retail Sales Tip

Our most important lesson: create a budget, know the detail of what you spend, watch cash flow, and control your inventory. (click to tweet this)

The Backstory (if you’re interested)

It was 2001 when I opened the doors of Signs Direct. Within a year, retailers dominated our client base. In fact, we sell all kinds of POS and sidewalk signage to help them improve sales. Over the years, I’ve seen, watched, or heard of practically everything someone could do to increase traffic and sales. Some of them worked, some worked really well, and most flat-out failed. I was talking to a customer the other day, and she thought it would be a good idea to share the best of the best retail sales tips I’ve learned. If you’re like me, with very little time, you’ll appreciate that the 30 tips I’m going to share are all Tweet-sized. That means less than 140 characters. I hope you enjoy – here’s to happy and prosperous retailing.