The “Signicade Deluxe” is finally here. It is destine to be around for a long time. It has the same great features of “The Original Signicade” (like the ability to add sand or water internally for added stability in heavy winds), but it adds a new feature that many will find attractive.

You can now drop your sing panel into it’s “slots” and have your sign panel displayed securely without the use of any screws or Velcro or any other type of fasteners (*sign panel not included).

Your sign needs to be constructed on a ridged panel like 4mm corrugated plastic or any other ridged sign material that is 4mm thick (or thinner). You could use something like .060 aluminum with your Signicade Deluxe, but why? ….corraplast is so much cheaper.

We now have the Signicade Deluxe in stock in both black and white. Enjoy!

Oh, we have the Signicade Deluxe available online at THIS WEB PAGE