Here are some Universal Access or Handicap signs that you should probably know:

Get to know the Universal Ski Access Sign – this sport is on fire!
Snow fun is not limited to people without disabilities. People with disabilities are joining the fun with each passing ski season. This means more and more ski resorts are increasingly aware that families want to be able to enjoy an activity where all family members can participate. Currently, there are over 150 ski resorts in France that offer adaptive ski programs for disabled individuals. It can be very time consuming trying to find a resort to accommodate your needs. Catherine Cosby operates a non-profit foundation called Ski 2 Freedom, the company will advise families or individuals with disabilities, how to find the right resort to meet your needs. There are many adaptive ski programs in the US that offer safe and supportive alpine ski lessons for adults and children with a wide range of disabilities. Other winter outdoor sports gaining popularity with people who have disabilities are cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating and kick sledding.

Lets Take A Look At The Universal Access For Camping!
Accessible camping is another outdoor activity growing in popularity. With that popularity you will notice more wheelchair accessible camping sites popping up all over this great nation. When you see the sign it means campsites are designed to be more accessible to wheelchair users. These designated hard-packed level sites feature pedestal grills and accessible picnic tables. However, just because you see a universal access sign for camping, it does not mean the showers and restrooms are equipped. Before you decide on a campground make sure it meets all the requirements and not just some of them.

Fishing Is A Fantastic Sport To Accompany Camping!
Have you noticed any universal access fishing signs lately? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law that requires all newly constructed fishing piers and platforms be usable by individuals with disabilities. Guidelines require minimum accessibility for newly constructed fishing platforms and piers. It provides specifications for elements on a pier or platform to create a basic level of usability for people with disabilities. Mainly it focuses ensuring that people with disabilities are able to access the fishing platform or pier. Other items included in this addresses elements commonly found at a fishing facility, like parking spaces, and restroom and bathing facilities.

Boating Is Also Growing In Popularity!
The ADA also requires all newly constructed boating facilities be usable by individuals with disabilities. This includes all commonly found elements at a boating facility, like restrooms, parking spaces, routes, and ramps. The accessible routes must connect accessible buildings, boating facilities, and other spaces. There are many wheelchair accessible boats and yachts on the market now too. It’s time to get outdoors and go boating. Sails up!

Please familiarize yourself with the universal access signs you may not know. We are all working together to make this a better place for all.