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Net 30 Terms:
This option is available for government agencies
and corporations with preapproved credit.
A signed purchase order is required.

Item Description

Item Name: Gift Certificate

Item Code: Gift Certificate

Item Description:

When you submit this transaction in the Web store, a notification email will NOT automatically be sent to the recipient indicating that a gift certificate has been purchased for them. A sales order is generated in your account. After we bill that sales order, then the recipient will receive an email with the gift certificate authentication code. They can use the authentication code to redeem the gift certificate in the Web store, or use it over the phone when a sales representative enters an order for them.

Gift Certificates expire 360 days after they are purchased.

To use the gift certificate on a Web store order, enter the gift certificate authentication code in the corresponding field on the Payment Method page. You'll also have the option to enter the code on the last page of check out.

If there is a remaining balance on the order, not covered by the gift certificate, or if the gift certificate is expired, the shopper is not allowed to submit the order until they enter their credit card information for the remaining amount. If the amount of the gift certificate is greater than the order total, you'll be allowed to submit the order and use the gift certificate code again until the balance is used up.

Item Specifications

Wording on Sign NA
Primary Construction Material NA
Overall Assembled Height NA
Overall Assembled Width NA
Sign Panel Height NA
Sign Panel Width NA
Item Weight in Pounds NA
One or Two Sided NA
Wheels NA
Outdoor Use NA
Works with this type of sign  
Sign Stand Type NA

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