Neon has it's advantages over the "simulated neon" signs. The biggest advantage is that it is a brighter sign. Nothing cuts through the fog like neon. Nothing captivates the viewer like neon. Neon signs even appear as a lighted sign when displayed in direct sunlight. Some "Light Box" style signs only appear lit at night and they are not bright enough to appear lit when displayed in direct sunlight. The draw back with neon is that if you should break a tube, you may as well throw the sign away. You can usually buy an entire replacement sign from us for about the same cost as a neon repair job at a local neon sign company.

Some of these signs are inventoried "stock" items, but most of the 13"x32" signs are produced on a "as needed" basis and usually require 4 to 5 working days to produce. During busy times these signs can take 3 weeks to ship.

Our neon signs are designed for indoor use. Sunlight will not hurt our signs, but it is important that you mount your sign in a location where it will not get wet or damp.