Sign with unusual shapes will usually get more attention from shoppers. Shoppers see that unusual silhouette and are then naturally curious about what it is that they’re looking at.

There is one advantage to traditional rectangular advertising signs and that is the low cost of rectangular prints done using a standard poster size. It cost more to make unusually shaped signs for two reasons. reasons #1: The sign maker needs to use a ridged material like foam-board or corrugated plastic and both are more expensive than paper. reasons #2: The sign maker needs to put the signs through an extra step of contour cutting the sign board to your desired shape. This is typically done with a computer controlled flatbed router.

Another issue with odd shaped signs is how you’ll display them. The majority of sign stands have a metal frame that you slide your standard-sized graphic into from above. Signs Direct has that old style version, but they won’t work with custom shapes of sign. So, recently added a new type of stand that can slide under a pallet (or under and nearby heavy item). It can also stand on its own, but being under something makes it more stable. Some retailers call these “pallet sign stands”. This new version of that stand has clear plastic clips to hold your sign. See the image above showing how these stands can be used with unusually shaped signs.

There are endless possibilities to the shapes you could use with this stand and of course… it’ll also hold square and rectangular signs. These have an introductory price of $14.99 each. Check them out at