Custom metal signs can be made of varying sizes, materials, fonts, and coloring. Keeping customers safe needs to be a number one priority for retail establishments of all sizes. This article will discuss some ways these signs can be used to protect customers.

In restrooms
Restrooms can be breeding grounds for bacteria, germs and other microscopic organisms which can harm anyone’s health. Keeping restrooms clean and safe can help protect a firm in a number of ways. It lowers the likelihood of customers suing the company for unsanitary conditions, which are not in compliance with OSHA requirements. It protects a customer’s health. Clean restrooms can protect employees by promoting good health habits that prevent spreading airborne diseases in the workplace.

A company can use custom metal signs to emphasize good hand washing techniques. This can be done by placing the sign above the hand dryer or towel dispenser. Adding the company logo and favorite coloring onto the sign will provide customization and improve brand awareness.

Placing a custom metal sign above the disposal container for used feminine hygiene products will lower the likelihood of customers throwing items into the garbage can.  This practice is unsanitary and worthy of a citation by the local health department. Check OSHA laws to be certain, but these disposal containers may be a requirement that all retail establishments must abide by or face possible punitive damages.

Customers like to know that workers are using sanitary practices. It promotes good will, a concern for both customer and workplace safety and can be the foundation for a positive reputation throughout the community. Placing a custom metal sign that lists good hygiene habits for employees to follow is one way to express this concern to both the public and workforce. Customizing the sign’s shape to fit perfectly into the appropriate area will go far for getting the message across.

By entrances
Custom metal signs placed by a retail establishment’s entrance point can serve a variety of purposes. The sign can promote a daily special, a limited time only offer, or welcome the customer into the venue. A welcoming sign that uses a familiar company logo and font will improve brand awareness. It may even improve lead generation and conversion rates.

The entrance may be the beginning of the checkout area in a particular department. Custom metal signs optimally placed can direct customers to waiting lines and areas. Free-standing signs that contain customized arrows or pointed fingers will direct customers in the proper direction. That sign can be all that is needed to avoid confusion and keep customers safe.

Possible hazards
Every retail establishment at some time faces a potential health hazard. Whether it is something spilled onto the floor by a customer or employee, wet floors due to rainy weather outside being carried into the store, or low-hanging merchandise, companies must inform customers about these hazards. Custom metal signs that notify customers of impending low-hanging merchandise for instance will serve notice that the individual must be on heightened awareness.

Placing a wet area sign that is customized with the establishment’s coloring and font will serve notice that individuals in the area must be on heightened alert to walk safely or avoid the area.

A retail establishment that places customer safety as a number one priority will be laying the foundation for years of success. It helps improve customer loyalty, lead generation, reputation and profitability.