Everybody who has ever been on a construction site knows that this can be a very dangerous place to be. There is constantly falling debris, in-use power tools and other aspects that make the entire site a dangerous place for anyone who is unsuspecting and without the proper safety gear. In order to protect the site and the liability of the company involved, it is important to know the 7 main safety secrets of how having the right construction signs located throughout the construction site will keep everybody safe.

7. Parking Signs at Entrances
When there are signs that point to the fact that the area being entered is a construction site, many people will begin to take safety precautions before they exit their vehicle. They will be sure to be watching out for the workers and any dangers that may be present. There are safety signs that state “Construction Site Parking Only” and other similar signs that when posted in parking spots will help visitors to see that they are entering a construction zone.

6. No Trespassing Signs
It really is a no-brainer that an active construction site should not be entered by any unauthorized personnel when the workday is done, but it never hurts to have signs that state the fact. Even if an unauthorized person comes onto the site after hours and gets hurt, the company may still be held liable. Having posted signs that state “No Trespassing” helps in the case to show the company took every precaution to keep unwelcomed guests off the site.

5. Signs That Specify Equipment Needed
Most construction sites have signs that specify that it is a hard hat area, but many forget the other types of safety gear that helps workers to stay safe are necessary. Gear like safety goggles, steel toe boots and various types of vests help to protect workers in different areas of the site. Using signs that specify which safety gear needs to be worn in which areas of the construction site will help to prevent injuries.

4. Be Bilingual
Many people who are living in the country today do not speak much English, therefore, everybody needs to be sure that when important messages are being relayed, they should be relayed in multiple languages. It is important that when construction site signs are placed, they are in multiple languages to ensure that everybody stays safe.

3. Look up Signs
Construction sites often have signs that state when people are entering the construction zone, but most of the injuries caused on these sites come from falling debris. When there are signs placed strategically around where workers are overhead, those walking or working under them are more aware of the work going on above them.

2. Hard Hat Signs
Hard hat signs are some of the most important signs that are found on a construction site. They state that workers and visitors need to wear these hats at all times, just in case there is falling debris.

1. Make Signs Specific to the Job
Every construction site is different, and every company is different. Making the safety signs specific to your job and your company will allow you to create a safer atmosphere for everybody. When you make your own sign, you can state specific company guidelines like the different types of safety gear needed, which workers are allowed access to various areas, and even what types of heavy machinery are actively working in that area.